Quinta do Javali

Quinta do Javali

PGE 2014



Visual assessment

Light yellow colour with a greenish tinges.


Olfactory assessment

An attractive, challenging nose, beginning with a a fruity component dominated by citrus fruits, which continues with an expressive aroma of fennel. The palette of aromas continues to reveal itself with notes of aniseed, brioche, butter, and finally the excellent greedy notes of toasted barrel.


Taste assessment

In the mouth, the bâtonnage the wine underwent improves its excellent structure. This is a wine which will age well in the bottle. The notes of citrus fruits nicely complement the minerality of the terroir, where the noble, exceptional vines manage to combine ancestrality with excellent quality.


Technical information

• Alcohol (%): 13,5
• Total acidity (g/dm³): 6,21
• pH: 3,16
• Sugar (g/l): <2


Quinta do Javali