Quinta do Javali

Ribas Lira

From Friends to Friends

Visual assessment

Garnet red, brown halo.


Olfactory assessment

When the wine is young, the aroma is intense, with notes of black fruit and floral nuances reminiscent of violet. With the long stage in the best French oak barrels and the prolonged and deserved rest in the bottle, there are aromas of black cherry, plum jam, berries, wet earth, leather, with notes of black pepper, cedar, cigar box and cinnamon . The oxidative status of this category of wine is like a Barolo, which gives it an enormous complexity, recognized by most demanding connoisseurs.


Taste assessment

The structure is magnificent, robust, suggesting a long persistence in the mouth. Significant ability to enhance the aging of this wine, surpassing the 10-15 years. Becomes mandatory prior to opening and decanting, with an advance of 2.3 hours.


Technical information

• Alcohol (%): 14,9
• Total acidity (g/dm³): 6,47
• Sugar (g/l): <2

• pH: 3,59


Quinta do Javali