Quinta do Javali, is an official partner of the Portuguese Navy in the commemorative voyage of the 500th anniversary of Fernão Magalhães circumnavigation. In the company of the Portuguese Navy and aboard the NRP SAGRES will travel a barrel of our Port Wine.

500 years ago, a navigator dreamed and launched himself into the sea. Having only the will to do what others considered impossible. The World was too small for him, and the known ways, no longer satisfied his restless soul.


With a departure day scheduled but no returning date; even though, he departed... And so was the beginning of a great journey that culminated in being the first circumnavigation of history. 500 years later, Portugal and the World pay tribute to the great Portuguese navigator, Fernão de Magalhães.



We have no words to describe the thrill of our wine being able to represent Douro, Porto and our country on this journey. The barrel that goes aboard of the grand Sagres school ship carries more than wine. It carries our roots, our blood and our pride in being Portuguese. Knowing history brings us wisdom, but participating in history marks our soul.


When we started the Quinta do Javali, we threw ourselves into rough seas, risked on routes never before navigated, to achieve the dream of valuing our land and creating something new. We deeply identify ourselves with the heart of a navigator who dreams of braving the unknown. And that, like Fernão de Magalhães, we can leave a legacy of pride and courage for future generations.