Art Series

A project that Quinta do Javali encourages and disseminates promising young artists. Each year we will produce a new wine, always in limited edition and we will select a different artist to represent his art on the label. We challenged some artists to create a label after tasting our wine. It is in our essence to believe and take risks. Being pioneers, never cowered us, on the contrary, it is a source of great pride to be able to pave the way for others to follow. Our ambition with this project is to put wine and art together, crossing borders, awakening knowledge, flavors and encouraging other young artists to fly higher.


Viktor Riemer

“Tribute to Excellence.”
January 2022, Vienna

About the illustrations that make up the label

The latin quote at the belly of the man is from Thomas Aquinas: “Pleasure comes from elaboration of perfect execution.”

The quote at the arm of the lady come from Eleanor Roosevelt: “Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Technical information

  • Alcohol (%): 11,0
  • Sugar (g/l): 1,04
  • Total acidity (g/dm³): 5,10
  • pH: 3,21

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Sarah Choo Jing

“Phantom Members II"

Orange wine


Tasting notes

Orange color, with golden tones, but with the typical turbidity of a 100% natural wine. The nose of this Orange Wine forces us to meditate. The long maceration of the grape skins released aromas of quince and orange peel. Coexistence with sediments in the bottle promotes the release of earthy aromas and tree bark. In the mouth, the Natural Art Series Orange is challenging. An enormous richness in tannins makes the wine “full-bodied”. White grapes produced at altitude preserve an acidity that is balanced with the material of the wine.

Technical information

  • Alcohol (%): 12,0
  • Sugar (g/l): 0,54
  • Total acidity (g/dm³): 5,41
  • pH: 3,32
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Lair Uaracy

To inaugurate the project, we created our first biodynamic Orange Wine. This year it is a wine made on foot to maintain our traditions and with a 10-day skin fermentation. And the chosen art work was from the Brazilian artist Lair Uaracy. For its intense colors, the lightness and mainly for the unique character of his work. We conclude; that best represented the characteristics of the wine produced and the spirit of Quinta do Javali.

Technical information

  • Alcohol (%): 12,0
  • Sugar (g/l): 2,29
  • Total acidity (g/dm³): 5,57
  • pH: 3,36
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