Red Wine

Clos Fonte do Santo

Blue Capsule


The Clos line at Quinta do Javali demonstrates the purity, respect and uniqueness of the expression of the Fonte do Santo terroir, in Ervedosa do Douro, from the vineyard to the glass.


Purity in soil work, with annual crops patiently carried out with horses. And purity in wines, resulting from fermentations with minimal interventions, which can take place in mills, used barrels or even in a concrete vat, with a rare and innovative spherical shape, exclusively built with the incorporation of a certain amount of soil from the source's own terroir of the Fonte do Santo.


Respect for agricultural work throughout the vegetative cycle of the vine, through the application of biodynamic viticulture principles (lunar calendar, flower days, fruit days, root days, leaf days, biodynamic preparations, plant macerations, ...).


Uniqueness in the location of the Fonte do Santo vineyard, bounded by old stone walls, in the image of a Clos, and also surrounded by bushes and forest, rich in biodiversity. Clos da Fonte do Santo also gathers olive trees, several fruit trees, a natural water mine and even shale rock formations, thus creating a unique ecosystem.



Tasting notes

Wine created from the Biodynamic Viticulture Concept. Dark ruby color with violaceous halo. Nose that combines black stone fruit and bark notes. Evidence for the notes of black plums and very ripe black cherries. There are also suggestions of blackberries. The Blue Capsule results from a location more exposed to the sunset, which increases the polyphenolic richness of the grapes (tannins and anthocyanins), which thus "liberate" for the wine more color and a superior structure. In the mouth, the mature notes of the black fruit appear and once again the "mineral nerve", typical of the terroir of Fonte do Santo.


Technical information

  • Alcohol (%): 12,5
  • Sugar (g/l): < 0,6
  • Total acidity (g/dm³): 5,4
  • pH: 3,58



700 bottles 75 cl