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Clos Fonte do Santo

Clos Fonte do Santo

Meet our Clos, Cherry Capsule, Red Capsule and Blue Capsule.

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Vintage 2016

Natural Art Series

Each year a new wine, a new artist, always in limited edition...

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Old Vines

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

ESAO 2020

3º Lugar

Azeite Virgem Extra de Portugal 

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Quinta do Javali Extra Virgin Olive Oil wins the 1st prize ESAO "Portuguese National Producer 2018-2019"

Quinta do JavaliQuinta do Javali

Quinta do Javali Old Vines at Lasarte, Barcelona

Quinta do Javali


Ronny Lau came to our biodynamic vineyard.

"Recently visiting Quinta do Javali, owner Antonio Mendes gave me a taste of his new work Clos Fonte do Santo." Ronny Lau

José Peñín e Federico Oldenburg na Quinta do Javali

José Peñín, – um dos mais prolíficos críticos de vinhos latino-americanos –, aqui acompanhado por Federico Oldenburg numa visita à Quinta do Javali.


Quinta do Javali

Quinta do Javali at the Empire City HuaiYang in Hong Kong, with journalists and importers.

Quinta do Javali

Ronny Lau

Quinta do Javali

The founder and president of "Greater China Wine Critics Association" visited Quinta do Javali. Ronny Lau is the author of five books on wine and also a regular contributor in magazines and newspapers from Hong Kong, China and Malaysia.

Denis Lin at Quinta do Javali

Denis Lin, journalist and author of "Beauty of tipsiness" and "My Wine Tasting Notes", visited Quinta do Javali. Denis Lin writes for several journals and is also regularly member international jury panels. The Quinta do Javali Old Vines deserved special mention of this expert.

Quinta do Javali
Quinta do Javali